Lead Agency

The Lead Agency for the National WASH Sector is the Department of Water Resources (DoWR).

As the Lead Agency the Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources is accountable for the facilitation and performance of the National WASH Cluster. The Lead Agency is to ensure that:

  1. Key Partners are included in the work of the Cluster
  2. There is appropriate coordination within the Cluster and with the other National Clusters and other national and international agencies
  3. Any cross-cutting issues are addressed
  4. There is effective needs assessment and analysis
  5. Adequate contingency and preparedness planning is carried out
  6. Appropriate standards are in place together with necessary arrangements for monitoring and reporting
  7. There is suitable advocacy for the objectives and activities of the Cluster
  8. Arrangements are in place for any necessary resource mobilisation, and
  9. Appropriate training and capacity building is carried out to ensure that Cluster activities are well-informed and relevant.
  10. There is continuity of the Cluster’s ability to effectively respond through regular meetings, exchange of information and reporting to all

Co-Lead Agency

The co-lead for the National Wash Sector is UNICEF and is accountable to provide active support to the DoWR as stated above.

Key Partners

Key Partners for the WASH Sector are expected to also support the Lead agency in facilitating the Sector objectives and activities and to meet on a regular basis to share information and set priority activities of the Sector. Current identified key partners for the Sector are listed in the graphic on the right hand side.